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What Is a Greeting Card Subscription Box?

Christopher Lykins


Sample Subscription Box From Lost Art Stationery—Never Be Without the Perfect Card

I worked for several years in a small stationery shop—my friends loved it! I was their easy connection to greeting cards for all manner of situations in which one might need a greeting card—birthdays, mother’s day, holidays, etc. When I left the stationery store, my best friend lamented that his easy source for greeting cards was lost. He reasoned that most small stores closed before he got off work. The post office closed before he got off work. It was all such a hassle. When I mentioned that one of the reasons I had left the store was to design and sell my own greeting cards, his brain went into action.

The idea of the Lost Art Stationery Subscription Box was born that day. Each month, I design a birthday card, a thank you card, and two general cards dependent on upcoming holidays or just because. In addition to the 4 cards, 4 first class stamps are included—all inconvenience is conveniently removed. Now one would never be without the perfect card.

I ship the subscription boxes on the 20th of the month. 

May Greeting Card Subscription Box - Lost Art StationeryHere is an example of the May 2018 subscription box. For this box, the "You Put the Fancy in Fancy Pants" is meant to work as a thank you card; it can also work as a graduation card, a promotion card, or just because someone is awesome (or fancy). The Happiest Birthday card features my hand writing. The Mother's Day card is from my line of universal parent threats, "Mom, Thanks for bringing me into the world and never actually taking me out of it." May and June are the months for graduations so this box includes a congrats graduate card.

June Greeting Card Subscription Box - Lost Art StationeryFor June 2018 I included a birthday card with the saying "I Hope Today Is Your Best Day!" This allows this card to be used for birthdays, but also for other celebratory moments. The "O My Goodness" is perfect for graduation, a thank you, or any other event that demands an exclamation of OMG. I have included another universal parent threat for Father's Day, "Dad, Thanks for never actually turning the car around." And a more formal "Thank You" card. This month's subscription included two envelopes that had been lined.

Will you need every card every month, no, not always. Many of my friends and customers have a box or drawer to keep greeting cards in. This allows them to have the perfect card at a moment's notice—someone falls ill, a birthday party you were invited to at the last moment, a work promotion, etc. With a Lost Art Stationery Subscription Box, you will never be without the perfect card.







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