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Sorry Cards & Apology Cards

Unfortunately we all have to say “I’m sorry” every now and again. I’m not sure what it says about us, but we have quite a few “I’m sorry” greeting cards at Lost Art. One will hopefully capture the exact type of contrition you’re looking to express. Don’t make a well-timed apology a lost art...send that sorry card to say you're sorry sooner than later.

If you’re the kind of person who finds him or herself over served on a regular basis, you may need to order a whole pack of our popular “Mr. Regrets His Behavior/Ms. Regrets Her Behavior” cards. We also sell quite a few of these for bridesmaid's or groomsman's gifts. In fact, saying sorry is such an art form that we wrote an article about what to consider in order to write the perfect apology card.

Of course, not every sorry card originates from your mistakes. There are plenty of times to say that you're sorry about something like the death of a loved one. Be sure to check out our sympathy card collection for those occasions. "I'm sorry about your friend" is a great way to express sympathy when a friend loses a dog or cat. Many times, it's enough to just express that you're thinking about your friend.