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2018 November Subscription Box

Christopher Lykins

2018 November Greeting Card Subscription Box

Monthly subscriptions keep you ahead of the game with one birthday card, one thank you card, and two (more or less) general cards. This box was sent out in October and included a Thanksgiving card and a general gift card. Here's why I chose each card:

Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Card

This Thanksgiving card was one of my first designs. I was playing with old engravings and subverting the images with my sense of humor. Thanksgiving is certainly a time to be thankful. I sometimes find it difficult to, under pressure, state out loud what I'm thankful for. Not because I'm unthankful, but because it somehow strikes me as contrived. This is what humor is for, it breaks the ice. It is after that moment when you declare something ridiculous, you can be serious and say what you are truly grateful for.

General Gift Greeting Card

When I was a kid, my aunt sent me the same Old Spice gift set every year. She sent it to me as a child around 7 or so, even though at the time I did not use deodorant, aftershave, or shaving cream. I now know it was the thought that counts, but as a child it was put away in a closet with all of the other sets she had sent and a rolling of the eyes. Later, when I was an adult, my mom mentioned how much she really would have rather had anything for Christmas than a Visions Cooking Set, a gift my father and I had picked out. It may strike some as odd to look at any gift with disdain, but it can be seen in the eyes of any recipient that light up when the gift is truly personal and thoughtful.

For this design, I sat down with a group of friends and brainstormed the best, worst gifts for this list. I was told afterward, by a woman who purchased the card, that I needed to add an automatic cat feeder—she said she had never felt like an old cat lady until that moment.

With this card, you can check the box that applies to the gift you've given or add your own. Of course, this card can only be given with a gift that is truly thoughtful.

Thank You Greeting Card

Not every thank you needs to be formal. This thank you card in lower case in what appears to be a hand written style is casual and personal. It's a great card to use for those seemingly everyday things that are as important as the grand gestures.

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

This sentiment was expressed to me on my birthday. It literally stopped me in my tracks. Perhaps the phrase, "Happy Birthday" is so ubiquitous that it is difficult to find true meaning in it. But the statement, "I'm happy you were born," struck me as more, almost as though the person was happy for the entirety of my life, not just this special day.

This card does not have to be used as a birthday card. I can see this for any occasion where a person is being celebrated. Most things we do are not simply a result of that one thing (graduation, promotion, a kind gesture), but a result of our lives and those who have influenced us to be the people we are today.

A subscription box is an excellent way to build a collection of greeting cards so that you always have the perfect card on hand for any event, whether it's known in advance or sneaks up.

If you missed this box or simply need another one, you can order the 2018 November Subscription Box. This box will not have free shipping (a perk of the subscription) but it will include 4 stamps.

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