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Lost Art Stationery offers a greeting card subscription box, gifts, and other paper goods designed in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Chris Lykins. Our most popular designs include the hand-drawn For Fox Sake greeting cards, pins and mugs. For those of you whose heart belongs to the scenic city, be sure to check out our collection of I Heart Cha stickers and mugs.

Our Regrets Her Behavior cards are an excellent gift for those who have gotten you through the best of times and now stand by you on your biggest day. After all, she wouldn't be your bridesmaid if she didn't get into a little bit of trouble every now and then. In this time of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've seen a surge of interest in our subscription box, our new collection of social distancing birthday cards as well as our entire "Social Distancing Sucks" card collection.

Our design studio is open by appointment in the heart of the historic Southside district in downtown Chattanooga. We're a block south of Velo coffee roasters on the corner of 16th and Adams street and offer free parking as well as plenty of street parking for shoppers. We also offer custom stationery, invitations and other paper design services. Be sure to shoot us a note here or use the "send us a message" button before coming to visit.