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I  Love Every Word - Lost Art Stationery

Lost Art Stationery

I Love Every Word


Have someone in your life who talks nonstop? Let them know how your really feel...

You literally talk nonstop. You wake up each morning talking about your dreams. When I try to escape to the shower, I hear you talking to the dog. As I quickly grab a cup of coffee and head out the door, late for work, you’re talking about my plans for the day. When I return home you share every damn detail of your day at the house, at work, at the store. You talk about every conversation you’ve had throughout the day and every single thought that has passed through your head. While I’m making dinner you talk while folding laundry or helping to prepare the food. When we’re watching a movie, I pause it every time you want to talk about our lives or your hopes and dreams. In the evening, when we walk the dog, you talk about every house in our neighborhood and what every neighbor has said or done. When we get home and head to bed you talk about what you want to do the next day, how much laundry there is, how you like our house, our dog, our dishes. When you fall asleep and I finally think I’ll have a moment of silence, you start talking in your sleep. For the record, I love every word.

Blank Inside
Size: A2 (4.25" x 5.5")
Paper: Crane 100% Cotton Fluorescent White
Envelope: French Speckletone Kraft
Ink: Digital

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