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Type No. 7

What started out as a collection of 80s sayings quickly transformed to more than. While Awesome Sauce and Cool Beans seemed to me as 80s sayings (probably because the bulk of my childhood was lived in the 80s), their origins are unknown. In addition, I began adding other sayings like Holy Moly and the Bee's Knees. The Bee's Knees is actually from the 20s which included sayings like a gnat's elbow. The Bee's Knees meant something was excellent and makes a perfect thank you card. As of yet, I haven't decided what the gnat's elbow could signify so it's currently not a card, but keep your eyes open for such a time.

The type was what really drove the design, not the sayings so I have changed the collection to Type No. 7 which references the name of the script used in the designs. 

On my last birthday, someone sent a text that said, "I'm happy you were born." It stuck me as such a sweet sentiment as it doesn't just address your birthday but the entirety of your life.

I have now included a general thank you as well as "I miss your smile."