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Lost Art Stationery

Monthly Greeting Card Subscription Box


4 cards + 4 stamps every month = no occasion forgotten!

Stay stocked and inspired with The Lost Art of Stationery's Greeting Card Subscription Box, your monthly supply of bespoke stationery. Each box arrives at your doorstep with a curated collection of four unique greeting cards, including one birthday, one thank you, and two general cards, plus the convenience of four postage stamps.

Our greeting card subscription box is the solution for busy individuals who appreciate the personal touch of a handwritten note but may not have the time to browse a stationery store or visit the post office. With our selection, you're always prepared with a distinctive card for any occasion, from birthdays to Mother's Day, holidays, and beyond.

Crafted with love from a small family-owned business, each card in your subscription box is a product of exclusive designs that can't be found just anywhere. Stand out with original artwork and clever design details that give a nod to modern aesthetics while celebrating the timeless art of personal correspondence.

Here's what our community is saying:

"I LOVE these cards! Lost Art's combination of quality papers, original artwork, and clever modern design details make this the perfect custom stationery for all occasions."

The Lost Art Stationery Subscription Box isn't just about sending a card; it's about sending a piece of you that conveys thoughtfulness and care. Subscribe today and transform the way you share life's special moments—one beautiful, personal note at a time.


All subscriptions enjoy free shipping. 

December Subscriptions ship on December 15 in an effort to get them into mailboxes before Christmas, but Christmas delivery cannot be guaranteed.

Subscriptions ship on the 18th of the month. Orders received before the 15th will ship from the 18th to the 20th. Orders received after the 15th will ship the following month. If there's ever a card that doesn't work for your collection, feel free to reach out, and we'll make it right.

A greeting card subscription box is an excellent way to build a collection of greeting cards so that you always have the perfect card on hand for any event, whether it's known in advance or sneaks up.

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