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Our Top 5 Happy Birthday Cards for Men

Mark McKnight birthday

Is it just me, or is it difficult to find the perfect greeting card to send for a man’s birthday? It seems like it would be easy, but so many birthday cards are either too sweet and sappy or just a bit goofy.

I also don’t prefer the ones that are overly-specific, like “happy fifteenth birthday to my favorite younger brother who’s into soccer!” I mean who can sift through all the crap to find one that works? Not to mention it’s impossible to keep birthday cards like that on hand in a collection to use as needed. I prefer nice, understated cards with a lot of flexibility for different recipients.

Here are Lost Art Stationery, we think birthdays demand a certain amount of levity, but Chris also designs with a masculine restraint that makes several of our birthday cards great for any guy in your life. 

With that in mind, here are a few ideas for the next birthday card you need to send for a special man in your life. Whether you’re giving the card to your dad, brother, cousin, or even your boss, we’re sure you’ll find something in our collection that works perfectly. Let’s start with these five ideas, but feel free to browse all birthday cards on our website.


#5: Happy Birthday Stripes




Like a solid collegiate tie, this card is a go-to gift for your dad, your brother, or any guy who likes the classic colors and styles of a men’s store like Brooks Brothers. It’s straightforward and it even says “happy birthday”—basically everything you want from a birthday greeting card for a man.


#4: Happy Birthday for the Architect



Have a friend or loved one who’s into modern architecture? This one’s inspired by the beautiful typography of the Frank Lloyd Wright era. Few of us will ever have the privilege of living in a Wright home, but we can all dream with this beautiful original design inspired by the Usonian period. Many people don’t know it, but Wright was a prolific designer who didn’t stop at architecture. He actually designed his own book covers, furniture and stained art glass for the buildings he designed, and even the cover of a 1937 issue of “Town and Country” magazine.


#3: It’s your birthday, let’s party



Okay, this one’s just a bit weird so your recipient would have to be the kind of guy who thinks it’s funny. But we like it and people definitely buy it. This might be a good one to buy for your little brother. Especially if you still have that really embarrassing photo from way back when your mom dressed him like a baby girl from the 1800s. What was she thinking, anyway? 


#2: 40 Under 40 (for the 30-year-old)



This one reads “now that you’re 30 you had better kick it into high gear if you want to be on that 40 under 40 list.” Given, this one’s a bit specific along the lines of what I was mentioning above, but I still thought it was worth including because it’s a fun sentiment. It’s equally appropriate as a light-hearted joke for the overachiever in your life or a bit of a dig at your dysfunctional little brother. Either way, you’ll love giving it.


#1: Happy (Beer)day


Yes, it’s a stereotype but hey stereotypes have to come from somewhere. This is the best selling of our various funny birthday cards for men. Dad probably likes beer. So does your brother, your co-worker, whoever. Wish him a happy birthday with a beer (and don’t forget to buy the greeting card, too). I actually came up with this design over a beer with Chris and he drew it up and we started selling them like crazy. I always like to remind him that I designed our best-selling birthday card for men.

None of these fit the bill? Shop all Birthday Cards

Of course, these are only a few of the many birthday greeting cards we have for sale at Lost Art. If none of the above work for your needs, you'll probably still find something in our collection. Also, if you’re like me and you’re just bad at sending cards to the people who matter in your life but you still don’t want to settle for a lame Facebook wall post, consider our greeting card subscription box. We send monthly and you’ll get four cards with the stamps straight to your home or office. Put them on your desk and hold yourself accountable to send them! We include one thank you card, one birthday card, one seasonal card and a fourth that will help build your collection. You’ll be surprised how meaningful a physical note sent through the mail can be. 

Lead photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash

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