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How Our Furry Friend Inspired a Best-Selling Card

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Let's face it: inspiration can strike from the weirdest places. And here at Lost Art Stationery, the tales behind our cards are often as unexpected as they are entertaining. Take, for instance, the story of our runaway hit card, "Sorry My Dog Was an Asshole."

When Two Dogs Cross Paths...

We all adore our dogs. They're bundles of fur that bring happiness, mischief, and, on the odd occasion, a smidge of embarrassment. Case in point: a day out at our local dog park. Our neighbor's German shepherd, known for his toy-guarding tendencies, decided our dog looked a bit too happy with that squeaky ball.

The little spat was no big deal, and both dogs trotted off as friends. But later that night, our phones pinged with a text that got us laughing out loud. It was our neighbor, asking, "Got a card that says 'Sorry my dog was an asshole'?" We didn't – but boy, we saw a golden opportunity.

When Life Gives You Dog Antics...

Our very own Chris, always up for a design challenge, whipped out his sketchpad. In no time, a cheeky, leash-tugging dog was staring back at us from the page. The card wasn't just a chuckle at our park encounter; it was a nod to every dog owner who's ever muttered, "I can't take you anywhere."

To our delight, we weren't the only ones dealing with rogue doggie behavior. The card flew off our shelves, cementing its place as a fan favorite.

There's More in the Doghouse!

Given the laugh-out-loud success of the "Sorry My Dog Was an Asshole" card, we added another card to the mix: "Sorry my person was an asshole." It's your dog's turn to say, "Hey, we all have our days."

Dive into Our Apology Greeting Card Vault

If your doggo (or human) antics need a different kind of 'sorry,' don't sweat it. At Lost Art Stationery, we've got all your apology bases covered. From cheeky to sincere, there's a card in our collection that'll hit just the right note.

So, here's the takeaway: life's little moments, even those caused by a mischievous pup, often leave us with the best stories...and, in our case, some pretty unforgettable cards. And if your four-legged buddy decides to stir the pot? We've got the perfect card to smooth things over.

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