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Graduations are rituals that bring families together to celebrate achievement and mark a major transition in life. Celebrate the special day for someone you love with a graduation card from Lost Art Stationery. Like all of our greeting cards, these graduation greeting cards were designed in Chattanooga, Tennessee by Chris Lykins and printed on high-quality paper. 

Not sure what to write inside a graduation card? Just think back to when they first started school. Remind them what it was like to first drop them off at the dorm and say goodbye. Were there special circumstances that they had to overcome to make it to graduation? Mention that and let them know how proud you are that they made it. 

Is there someone special who didn't make it to see the graduation day? Let them know you're sure that person would be proud as well. One of our owners lost all of his great grandparents during college, but hearing from his grandparents that they would have been proud meant a lot to him.

While we do have a couple of traditional graduation cards that say "happy graduation," it's fine to be a bit less direct and celebrate something fun about the graduate. You can be the one to write "happy graduation" inside the greeting card. During this time of social distancing, our new "redeem this card" design has been very popular as a way to wish someone happy graduation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of our congratulations cards would work for graduation also.