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Our 5 Best-Selling Apology Cards

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We’ve covered how to write a perfect apology card, but today we wanted to call out a few of our best-selling sorry cards and tell you a bit more about each design. As a small family-owned company we generally get our ideas from our friends and customers. Chris Lykins, the design half of our partnership, creates new cards constantly and loves hearing from customers exactly what they want to see on a card. Ironically, the more specific the message gets the more we seem to sell. So without further ado here are our top five best-selling apology cards and the stories behind them.

1. Sorry My Dog Was an Asshole

2. Let’s Just Blame the _____________ (Mimosas, Champagne, Whiskey, Tequila, etc.)

3. Mr./Ms. Regrets His/Her Behavior

4. For Fox Sake

5. I’m Hoping They’ll Find a Cure for This Foot-in-mouth Disease. Soon.

Sorry My Dog Was an Asshole

This is our favorite story of a friend inspiring an apology card. Our neighbors and friends who live down the street have a German shepherd with a few challenges from his past life. Since they go to the same dog park where we go every day we see them frequently. Our dogs know each other pretty well, but that didn’t stop him from lunging and growling at us one day on the leash in the neighborhood. We didn’t think a thing of it honestly, but later that night one of our friends texted and asked if we had a card that said “Sorry My Dog Was an Asshole.” Chris being Chris, he texted back “we do now!” and created what you see here. This one often gets chuckles in the shop and several people have said they need to order these in bulk. 

Let’s Just Blame the _____________ (Mimosas, Champagne, Whiskey, Tequila, etc.)

This one started as a joke between Chris and me and came from our early efforts vending at the Chattanooga Market on Sundays. Since Sunday was our usual Funday and generally required brunch and mimosas at our favorite neighborhood bar (the Flying Squirrel), the Market was a bit of a sacrifice. I joked early on that we could either go to the Squirrel and spend $100 or go to the market and make at least $100. Even if we spent $100 at the market drinking mimosas and eating lunch, being there was better than not being there because we’d at least break even. Unfortunately, one day we might have ordered a few too many mimosas and actually did spend $100. It was a very hot and very slow day and we were still figuring out our product line and what people wanted, so I don’t even think we made $100. Chris and I had a big fight over basically nothing, and the “Let’s Just Blame the Mimosas” card was born. 

On the debut weekend for this card, we put it all over the booth so you couldn't miss it. People didn’t miss it and thought it was hilarious. We must have sold a couple of dozen that first week. But very quickly we overheard people saying to each other “oh, we need one that says blame the” and whatever liquor caused a memorable event in their lives. While this one definitely isn’t only used as an apology card, it works well for that. Next time you find yourself “overserved,” you’ll know where to go for a greeting card that will smooth things over in no time. 

Mr./Ms. Regrets His/Her Behavior

Our regrets behavior cards have become best sellers in part because they make such great gifts for fun occasions like bachelor or bachelorette parties. Sometimes you just know you’re going to get into some trouble, and these are a fun way to hint at that but also say that everything’s going to be fine in the end because we’re all friends here. We’ll let it all hang out but we know we’re friends and all will be well. 

For most of us, these are probably less a true apology card and more a way of saying thanks for the good time. We often send these as a thank you card after a night of having a bit too much rose with our best friends. Who knows what might have been said, and who cares, right? A little “Mark Regrets His Behavior” goes a long way.

For Fox Sake

Ok, on the surface "For Fox Sake" is another card that isn’t primarily an apology greeting card. However, I want to suggest it because it’s funny and like most of our cards it’s blank inside so you can make it your own. This one’s all about self-deprecating humor: “For fox sake, I screwed up again. Will you forgive me?” The humor of dodging the curse and this cute little fox drawing Chris created combine in a way that would make anyone smile. We also sell these as mugs or pins without the saying. People love our little Vulpes vulpes! 

I’m Hoping They’ll Find a Cure for This Foot-in-mouth Disease. Soon.

This one’s a pretty new addition to the collection and has started to take off in sales. No, we're not talking about hand foot and mouth disease; that's different and gross. Sometimes —whether due to the aforementioned over-service issue or just a moment of indiscretion—we just say things that are stupid. I’ve done it. We’ve all done it. You know what I mean, right? A careless dig hit a little too close to home or you actually said that thing that was funnier in your head than it was when it came out of your mouth.

Whatever the situation, show your friend you really do love them by sending an apology note quickly. As we mentioned in our article about how to write a thank-you note, crow tastes better warm. Buy our foot-in-mouth apology card and get your foot out of your mouth so you can both put the past behind you. 


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We’d love to hear your stories of making amends, writing apology notes and hopefully making up with your loved ones. Leave a comment below. You might just inspire our next apology card design!

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