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A Greeting Card a Day

Christopher Lykins Greeting Cards

I have always been interested in those 1-a-day projects. You know the ones—I’m going to “take a photo of my cat every day for a year” kind of projects. They’ve always seemed so optimistic, so hopeful, so impossible.

I read about Jessica Hische’s Drop Cap a Day from 2009 while I was in design school. Her work was mesmerizing, exciting, and intimidating. Several of my design friends in Chattanooga were doing a logo a day or a drawing a day—their projects were awesome.

This year, with a bit of trepidation, I have decided to do a card a day. The rules are a bit wonky at the moment, for me, at least. The design might be a greeting card but could also be a custom card or a print or gift wrap, for that matter.

The project is an effort to round out collections, add more greeting cards, and discover new design ideas. I hope to push my craft as well as tighten my ideas.

I hope you will join me on this journey. Check out the cards I have designed and follow along on my Instagram (subscribers can expect to see many of these designs in their future greeting card subscription box).

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