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14 Unique Valentines Cards for February 14th

Mark McKnight Greeting Cards Valentines Day

It's almost February 14th—that's right: Valentine's Day—and many of us are looking for unique Valentine's cards and gifts that aren't as cheesy or cheap feeling as the ones you see everywhere. While some people think Valentine's Day is just a "Hallmark holiday" created by the original greeting card behemoth, we beg to differ. In fact, we believe that a considered purchase of a well-designed, high-quality card printed on nice paper can strike the perfect tone and let the people you love know that you love them.
Valentine's day cards


Whether it's a card for a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband, wife, or just a friend you really love, we're sure there's a unique greeting card for the occasion. As a bonus, if you plan ahead just a little bit, you can even find a unique valentine's day card from an independent maker like Lost Art Stationery. We've heard from many of our customers who value the uniqueness of our cards as much as the high-quality papers. Be sure to get your orders in a few days in advance; the USPS still seems to be operating a bit slower than normal during their restructuring.

Below we share 14 unique cards that you won't find in every grocery or drug store. How do we know they're unique? Well...we design and produce everything you see here. In fact, our designer Chris Lykins creates each and every greeting card on our site. Since we're a small family-owned paper store, you won't find these cards everywhere. We're sure you'll find the perfect Valentine.

Funny Valentine Cards

1. I love you, even when you've eaten asparagus.

I Love You Even When You've Eaten Asparagus - Lost Art StationeryIf you know what this one means, this is the card for you. Apparently, there's a genetic thing going on here which is worth learning more about. Unique? Ah, yeah. 

2. Wanna Do It? 

Wanna Do It? - Lost Art Stationery

This one's pretty self-explanatory, I think. Sometimes, you just want to get to the point.

3. When I think about you... I touch myself? 

When I Think About You - Lost Art StationeryThis was always my go-to karaoke pick because karaoke is wrong and so is this song. But it makes for a unique and hilarious Valentine's day card. 


Valentine's Cards for the Finance Geek

This collection of "I can't wait" messages arose from Chris and I working on financial planning. While it may not seem that romantic, a couple does end up passing a meaningful milestone when you start adding your significant other to things like your life insurance and paid leave, and then filing taxes together. Let your inner geek show a bit and check out these great cards.

There are four versions of this...geekily sweet sentiment.

4. I Can't Wait to File Our Taxes Jointly

5. I Can't Wait to Decide What We're Having for Dinner Every Night with You

6. I Can't Wait to Add You to My Health Insurance

7. I Can't Wait to Make You the Beneficiary of My Paid Leave

I Can't Wait to Make You the Beneficiary of My Paid Leave - Lost Art Stationery

Sweet Valentine's Day Cards

8. You Challenge Me to Be Braver Than I Am


You Challenge Me to Be Braver Than I Am - Lost Art Stationery

There's not a much sweeter greeting card than this Valentine's day card. Let your special someone know that they challenge you in all the right ways. 

9. I Wanna Get Lost with You


I Wanna Get Lost with You - Lost Art Stationery

The perfect card for those of you who enjoy a nice Sunday bike ride together. The perfect Valentine card for the cyclist!  

10. Babe, It's You and Me Against the World

Babe, It's You and Me Against the World - Lost Art Stationery

Especially after 2020, this card seems relevant to almost all of us. If you've had to fight your way through a few challenges, pick this unique Valentine's day card

11. I Love You

The simplest sentiment sometimes says it best. Here Chris added a bit of circumstance to the lettering, providing a nice contrast to the straightforward declaration of love. 

I Love You - Lost Art Stationery

12. Date Night Movies— "I Can't Wait to Watch..."

Date Night Movies - Lost Art StationeryMuch like the "when I think about you" card, this one has checkboxes so you can fill in your favorite movie to watch with your hubby. Bonus points if you've already given the Christmas movie version of this one a few months back. 

13. Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts - Lost Art StationeryIf you're a fan of the sweet little valentine candy with messages on them, you'll love this design. They're available with the classic messages "Be Mine," " I Love You," and "I'm Yours," or you can choose to customize with your choice of color and your own short message.  

14. You Got Me All Mixed Up

You Got Me All Mixed Up - Lost Art Stationery

If you're looking for the perfect card for your musically-obsessed valentine, look no further. This card takes the turntables and turns the table on the typical sappy valentine message.


Which is your favorite Valentine Card? 

Whether you're shopping for a single card for your special someone or just those close friends who have made it through a tough year in 2020. I think it's going to be important to keep the people we love close throughout 2021 as we all try to recover from a difficult time for the country's health, finances, and social life. As a small stationery brand based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we have what you need. And if we don't, send us a note. If you have any other ideas for a fun Valentine's greeting card, we always want to know. Many of our best ideas come from our customers who say "ooh, you should make a card that says..." and then we do! That's part of the reason why these cards are one-of-a-kind. Remember those classroom Valentines from elementary school? The kind where they were printed on super cheap paper and you would them into those tiny little envelopes? Yeah, that's basically the opposite of what we make. Most of our cards are printed on high-quality cotton paper and every single design is unique.

Buy Valentine's Day Cards online and see everything we make at Lost Art Stationery. 

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