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Lost Art Stationery

Mr./Ms. Regrets His/Her Behavior

$ 18.00

Set of 10
Size: 4 Bar (4.875" x 3.5") flat cards
Paper: 130# White
Envelope: White
Ink: Letterpress

We've all been there—a sip too many, a joke told in poor taste, a broken dish. Don't allow your friendships to go unmended; send a brief note apologizing for your exuberant behavior—all will, undoubtedly, be forgiven.

Every bride knows the value of a friend who is willing to go the extra mile with them—as such, these have proven very popular bridesmaid gifts. But don't overlook these for the young children in your life. Everyone needs to say I'm sorry once in a while.

We've been known to send these, tongue planted firmly in cheek, as a thank-you for a dinner or celebration where the wine flowed, and the conversation was lively!

For those seeking gifts for children who are learning the art of gracious communication, this stationery instills the values of responsibility and reconciliation in a tangible, memorable manner. 

Whatever the occasion, a gift of these “regrets” cards is sure to get a laugh or a nod of approval.

Two distinct sets are available: one tailored for men and the other for women. Both embrace the minimalist aesthetic, ensuring that the heartfelt message takes center stage, with a bit of room on the back to write a heartfelt note. The tactile experience of the letterpress print on these premium cards is lovely, adding an extra layer of authenticity and thoughtfulness to your gesture.

In the digital age, the art of written communication is becoming rare. Rekindle this tradition and make amends or express gratitude with a touch of class. Choose The Lost Art of Stationery's "Mr. & Ms. Regrets Their Behavior" series for a timeless gift that speaks volumes.

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