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Cheers Paper Coasters - Lost Art Stationery

Lost Art Stationery

Cheers Paper Coasters

$ 14.00

Paper: premium coaster board
Size: 3.7" circle
Quantity: Set of 10

Inspired by the Cheers Greeting Card– these coasters embody the spirit of celebration, be it the dawn of a New Year or the countless sparkling moments that light up our everyday lives.

Each coaster showcases a delightful cascade of black and gold dots reminiscent of effervescent bubbles rising in a champagne flute. Set against a pristine white background, the word "CHEERS" takes center stage, boldly inviting you to join in the joy and merriment.

But they're not just about setting the mood; these coasters are a blend of form and function. Crafted on premium paper coaster board, they promise durability, soaking up condensation and ensuring your furniture remains unblemished, party after party.

At a versatile 3.7" size, they're the perfect companion for your drink of choice—from bubbly champagnes to soothing teas. And with ten in a pack, you've got enough to share the joy with friends and family.

These coasters are more than just table protectors; they're a statement, a mood, an invitation to revel in the good times, whether it's a milestone birthday, an intimate gathering, or just because—with our "Cheers" coasters by your side, every sip feels like a celebration.

Here's to life's beautiful moments and to celebrating them in style. Cheers!

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