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Let’s Just Blame the Booze

We started selling at the Chattanooga Market where we may or may not have imbibed a few mimosas while the heat slowly rose all day long. That day ended with a small argument, but it gave birth to a funny greeting card: “Let’s Just Blame the Mimosas.” This quickly became one of our fastest-selling cards we’d ever made, as people from the market apparently had similar experiences in Sundays past and thought it was funny. We quickly started getting questions like “do you have a ‘Blame the Vodka’ card?” Since we’re card makers, we made that one...and then we got a request for rosé and tequila and champagne, and you get the point. We now have a full collection, but if you still don’t see exactly what caused some memory in your life just shoot us a note on the contact page and we can make it happen for you.