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Dad Thanks for Never Actually Turning the Car Around - Lost Art Stationery

Lost Art Stationery

Dad Thanks for Never Actually Turning the Car Around

$ 4.50

Celebrate the humor and wisdom of fatherhood with our "Dad, Thanks for Never Actually Turning the Car Around" greeting card from The Lost Art of Stationery. This card is a heartfelt nod to all the universal dad threats that were never carried out—now, all of these years later, bringing a smile to both you and your dad's faces.

Perfectly timed for Father's Day, this card is a great way to show appreciation for your dad's patience, love, and the countless road trips where he mostly kept his cool. Featuring a minimalist design with a deep blue background and simple white text, it’s a stylish and meaningful choice among greeting cards.

This versatile card is ideal for various occasions:

  • Father's Day Greeting Cards: Honor your dad with a touch of humor and gratitude. This card is perfect for expressing your appreciation for all those times he kept his calm.
  • Birthday Greeting Cards for Dad: Make your dad’s birthday extra special with a card that acknowledges his unique brand of parenting wisdom.
  • General Greeting Cards for Dad: Whether it's for a special occasion or just because, this card is a great way to remind your dad of those funny childhood memories.

In a world full of digital messages, give your dad a tangible keepsake that he can cherish. This card is not just a greeting; it’s a trip down memory lane, filled with laughter and love. Show your dad how much you appreciate his patience and humor with a card that speaks volumes.

Blank Inside
Size: A2 (4.25" x 5.5")
Paper: White 100% Recycled
Envelope: White 100% Recycled
Ink: Digital

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