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Coronavirus Christmas Cards

Like it or not, we're racing toward the end of the year and Christmas is coming fast while the Coronavirus continues to spread. We may have to get used to the idea of a physically distant—but hopefully not socially distant holiday season this year. Stay in touch with the ones who matter in your life with these Coronavirus Christmas cards. While most of these designs aren't specific to the world of COVID-19, many of them take on new meaning during the pandemic. 

We've heard from our customers that the simple act of writing handwritten, snail-mail letters has taken on new urgency now that we can't just drive over and visit with our loved ones, especially the elderly. People all over the world are rediscovering the simple pleasure of writing a note and sending it in the mail. While we hope this is the only Christmas we have to spend with COVID-19, we're equally hopeful that the habit of staying in touch with loved ones through handwritten cards will stick around. There's nothing quite like opening the mailbox to find that someone took the time and effort to actually write a card instead of simply firing off a Facebook message or email. As Chris likes to say, who ever printed a text message? Added a tweet to their journal? Framed a screenshot of a Facebook post? While all of those things sound kind of nice, it just isn't going to happen. Now's the best time to send a physical card in the mail. Break through the digital noise and really say "I love you" to those who matter.